viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013


Can you tell me which animals are invertebrates?

Give this game a go:

And, what about this game? Do not forget to watch the movie before!

And finally, the quiz that we did today in class, now you can play again at home with your family.

lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Some videos from unit 1

These are some of the videos that we saw in unit 1 and you like them.



How to wash your hands properly: 


How to wash your hands (by a six years old boy):

A funny song sang by a Bacteria, I hope you enjoy it!

domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Welcome to Easy Science Atocha!

Welcome to your website: Easy Science Atocha.

 Let me show you what are the main parts:

 Dictionary: with this tool you can look for the meaning of the new words that you don´t know.

Repeat after me: this tool can help you to pronounce any word you want.
Just write the word in the box and press SUBMIT (make sure that your speakers are on).

Natural voices: you can write the speech and then choose an American or British person who read it for you.
Write the text and then press SPEAK.